About Me

Hello! I’m Heather Gautreau, a Mortgage Loan Officer with Cardinal Financial Company in Baton Rouge, LA. I have a passion for guiding clients through the exciting process of buying a home.

I’m committed to helping my clients find the most suitable mortgage options for their unique needs. It’s about creating a path to homeownership that’s as clear and straightforward as possible.

Our Mission

At Cardinal Financial, our mission is to deliver exceptional service and ensure our clients fully understand their financing choices. We aim to go above and beyond, building lasting relationships founded on trust and outstanding service.


Octane, our custom-built loan origination platform, ensures a secure and streamlined process. It provides clients with a dashboard for real-time updates on their mortgage progres. We are committed to delivering a mortgage experience that is consistently accurate and transparent.

Personalized Approach

I believe in a personalized approach, as every client has a unique story and mortgage needs. I invest time to understand your financial goals, offering tailored advice and solutions.

Trusted Baton Rouge Lender

I’ve earned the trust of the Baton Rouge community as a reliable source for clear and transparent mortgage guidance.

Let’s Connect

If you’re ready to explore your home financing options, I’m here to help. Contact me, and let’s take the first step towards your dream home.